(Forthcoming) “The Words from the Mountain”, Fit for the Gods anthology


(Forthcoming) “The Huli Jing of Chinatown”, Zooscape, December 2022


“Do You Understand the Words that Are Coming Out of My Mouth?”, If There’s Anyone Left, Volume 3

Science Fiction
The new Polyglot Earbuds actually had my parents’ language as a translation option.

“Ghost Festival in the Desert”, Blood in the Soil, Terror on the Wind, 2022

Western Horror
About a Chinese migrant who came to this gilded country in search of a missing brother

“The Magical Sow”, Fantasy Magazine, June 2022

When I was small, my mother told us a story about a talking fish who granted wishes. I got the family sow, who doesn’t.
Reviewed in SFRevu, June 2022
Reviewed in Locus Magazine, July 2022
Reviewed in Maria is Reading, Sept 2022

“Skin Anomalies”, If There’s Anyone Left, April 2022 and Volume 3

Body Horror
I wondered if my body was keeping score. What was it counting?

“Minor Magics of Chinatown”, Factor Four Magazine, April 2022

I didn’t even need Cousin Lei’s red-envelope-telepathy to tell me what the letter said.

“Granny’s Spider”, The Arcanist, December 2021

Body Horror
I thought I’d earned enough credits to cash in on a little family history.
Reviewed in The Dust Lounge

Building Beyond: Liquid Assets
Sarah Gailey’s Stone Soup
, July 2021

In the latest audit of your possessions, you are at risk of liquefaction!

“The Fox Spirit’s Retelling”, Remapping Wonderland: Classic Fairy Tales by People of Color, January 2021

(Forthcoming) Reprinted in Flash Fiction Online
Nominated for Best Small Fictions anthology, 2020
She was devoted to her fox-skin as one is devoted to one’s hands
Reviewed in So to Speak


“I have class anxiety”, This is Uncomfortable Podcast

About growing up poor and navigating middle class